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19 Oct 2005|12:40am
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p.s. two underscores, kiddies.
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11 Oct 2005|11:18pm
mood:  calm

edit: and since my lj scrapbook got deleted because my paid account expired, my layout is dead. and i have no extra space for icons anymore. so please go ahead and add all__creation. i'll post another notice later because i have a feeling people just skim over my long and rambling entries.

so i think i am really a failure at everything, haha. it turns out i got turned down for acapella, probably in accordance to some heavily biased system that is going on over there. there is always some sort of strange corruption in musical hierarchy. but i don't even know if i want to talk to the music teacher and ask why i didn't get in. i somehow feel like that is rubbing salt into an open wound. the bottom line is this: i just wasn't good enough. period. why must i be lectured or told what i did wrong or how i was wrong? i suppose a reason to go is pure curiosity, but on the contrary to popular belief, i DO have something to lose and that is the rest of my dignity.

and my college counselor wonders why i have no activities. because i simply get rejected from every single one of them that requires an audition!

now i could've just sulked and felt sorry for myself and cried but i really don't care anymore. so i am not good enough. i don't think it is possible to be not good at everything. i suppose maybe this whole situation is biased and ridiculous and i should just forget about it.

though i do have a kind of objection to rejecting people that want to learn and want to become better at it. i think it's dumb to accept all the perfectly polished and fine-tuned kids. because what about the kids who just want to learn and try? it's the same with art school. one of the reasons why i don't want to apply to a design school is because your portfolio has to be fucking magnificent. in other words, only the hardcore live-and-breathe-art kids can really have a shot. for people who do it in their spare time and are possibly interested in expanding it further into a potential career? pfft, there goes your chances. i just don't like this bias.

but anyways, i think i'm dealing with everything ok. i just have to continually tell myself to breathe and just try to be happy. now about 3 years ago, i wouldn't and i would do the opposite and yell and rebel and scream against whatever it was that was pushing me back. but i guess sometimes.. you just need to deal with it. be passive.

i am totally putting off studying for spanish but what's the point. it's a test from sr. murphy. honestly, i wouldn't know anything even if i did study.

i have halloween cut and bake cookies. i'm kind of excited about that. :D oh how simple and pathetic my life has become.

i really like stars now. thank you, helen.

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10 Oct 2005|08:30pm
mood:  content

the responses to the last entry were overwhelming. i had no idea so many people would reply. [ i also hope it wasn't the same person posting like five times because then it's just getting my hopes up. ;_; ] but wow! thank you for responding! it's really intriguing and i don't know about some of you but it just feels so.. relieving. you get a brief seconds worth of this relief sweeping over you. because it's there. the secret has taken physical form. it's out there.

it made me happy. :)

and now to procrastinate from my psych paper and test tomorrow, here is a giant survey. about love. ?! i know.

i also find it somewhat intriguing and slightly messed up that i like doing my calculus homework more than my psychology homework. it's not that it's just less worse, but i WANT to do it. hahah. i guess i have a good teacher to make me want to do math! this is indeed strange. [ i was NEVER a math person .. until now apparently. ]

OMG 90 QUESTIONS. :OCollapse )

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09 Oct 2005|10:58pm
i'm bored and i have never done this before.

post as anonymous and post a secret that you've never told anyone. i am not logging IP addresses.

i wonder if anyone will respond to this.

and no, i will not try to figure out who is who. i'm just kind of inspired from post secret.
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06 Oct 2005|02:05pm
i am taking an informal poll. i would've done it if i had the paid features but i forgot.

new username? i would like feedback.


i find it funny that 2 of 4 usernames i came up with are inspired/based off of yuffie. even the one i have now, shuriiken, is based off of yuffie. what's with me and yuffie? i do actually like tifa but she's way too popular

emily, are you at sick at home or something? nanako continues to look dazed and confused. sigh.
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06 Oct 2005|01:21am
mood:  grateful

gospel decay: he is so much hotter than me
gospel decay: it would be an unbalanced couple
KANPAI mix 926: no way
gospel decay: HOT AND........ not
KANPAI mix 926: shut the FUCK UP

tsu is so funny.

thank you guys for the comments before. ♥ sorry for being bitchy but i really couldn't take it anymore. >_>; i'm still trying not to think about it too much.. and be the opposite of my mom and count my blessings instead of my miseries. thanks for being such cool friends!

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05 Oct 2005|12:15am
mood:  confused

ok, i just noticed that reading back even five entries on this journal, i sound quite stupid and i am ashamed of myself. this happens with a lot of my journals but still. ermm, this kind of makes me want to revert this back to entirely friends only. because if a stranger were to read this, it sounds really dumb. and strange. and possibly immature. but that's lots of people out there too, i guess.

part of me wonders if i should just move journals. my paid account expired anyway so perhaps. :| and i don't know. change in names is good! [ quiet! i do not change my screen names often! ... much. ] and starting over is always nice.

until you realize you've made a fool of yourself somehow.


oh and i added the schools thing to my journal. i felt a little bit stupid doing it but who cares. i don't know why i did it though.

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01 Oct 2005|10:46pm
mood:  creative

i do not know what is possessing me to do this, but i am starting on a.. writing piece, if you will, that combines greek/roman mythology with references from the holy bible.

i originally started it like last year and i was never sure if i was finished with it. i knew it had SOME kind of potential but it was just missing something. i didn't know what. a basis. something to start and end with. a foundation.

and almost like some kind of strange, pre-determined cosmic puzzle, i literally found the missing piece. it was literally like finding the key to a lock that you have had for years. i almost felt like i was SUPPOSED to come to this conclusion. a very strange feeling. hence, the basis of my inspirations as the combination of greco-roman mythology and biblical text.

wow. thank you, myth & archetype class and thank you advent children.

this shall be interesting. i hope.

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26 Sep 2005|12:21am
mood:  busy

gospel decay: god why
Auto response from genuinelyRob: d2 dimarzo


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french bread discussion. 20 Sep 2005|12:11am
genuinelyRob: THEY HAVE
genuinelyRob: LIKE
genuinelyRob: REALLY
genuinelyRob: REALLY
genuinelyRob: CRUNCHY BREAD
gospel decay: CRUNCHY?!
genuinelyRob: YES
genuinelyRob: PERHAPS
genuinelyRob: 99.9% LESS MOUTH SHREADING
genuinelyRob: yeah but
genuinelyRob: just shutup
genuinelyRob: lmao
genuinelyRob: french bread!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i love rob.
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