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23 May
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user: called shlee for various reasons. actually, i'm not sure why that is, but my real name is ashley. i don't have a preference of what you call me so it's cool. i'm seventeen years old, a senior in high school. [ senior? when the hell did that happen? it's beyond me. >_>; ] i'm kind of shy so please don't think that i dislike you or anything! i just have trouble talking to new people for some reason even if i really want to be friends with someone. XD err, there's nothing too interesting i can come up with now so yeah.

likes: many things! anime & manga. some include naruto, bleach, samurai champloo, full metal alchemist, death note, azumanga daioh, kare kano, and many more. ragnarok online has also occasionally seized my brain. hmm. i obviously lj way too much and the computer is on whenever i am home so.. not sure if that is good or bad. this includes tinkering around with photoshop, but i think i have yet to be really that good. also, music = ESSENTIAL. err, just see the bands on the sidebar. XD i don't want to take up so much space. if you want to know more, just comment to be added. i'm not evil. much. >:F

dislikes: flightless birds [ except penguins ], "scene kids," racists, homophobes, liars, hypocrites, two-faced people, and the like. not really in that order but in the general group. don't even mention school to me! i live in new jersey and i dislike that too. i'm not that comfortable with large crowds or public speaking either.. and waking up is a big hate too. this is such a random section, i'm going to stop now.

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